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I had a spinal injury two years ago that effected my left leg. I had little feeling in my left foot, no use of my calf muscles and partial loss of my thigh muscles. I was and still am not able to push off of my toes when I walk or push the bike upright off of the sidestand.

I started riding my small DS bike first until I got where I could find the shifter without looking and then started riding the WeeStrom. I can only tippy toe the Wee so I have a few issues that wouldn't exist if I could flat foot it. One of the biggest challenges was figuring out how to mount and dismount since I couldn't stand on my left leg and pivot. Once I started mounting from the "wrong" side, I was a new woman. Still, I have to be extremely careful about where I park. If it is leaning to far onto the sidestand, I don't have the umph to push it upright. I am pretty slick about using my body weight to tip the bike to the right until my right foot finds the ground most of the time. I have had to solicit help several times when I had "parking issues" but that is usually when I am riding with someone who stops somewhere that I wouldn't if solo.

My bike was good therapy for me mentally and physically. It gave me real goals. Riding my bike I am not that "woman with a limp." I was a solid rider before and I am a solid rider now. I haven't really made any modifications to the bike although having a lower and lighter bike would have been nice on many occasions. The PITA thing that persists is not being able to "feel" neutral when I shift. Luckily, there is an idiot light on the bike to tell me when I have found neutral.

After two years, I am finally starting to see a little progress to my nerves healing. I can tell hot from cold on a part of my foot and my calf muscle is beginning to fire again. I have hopes of all being good as new some day but for now I am happy to have what I have.

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