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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post

As a beginner a person does not know how to feather the rear brake. The front all of the stopping power when emergency braking.

I am talking life and death, there is a car stopped in front of you. You need to stop ASAP, do you think you can modulate the rear brake to not lock up?

Is it better to lock up the rear brake or do nothing to it?
Unless you are on a cruiser or some back heavy bike, I don't think many people can not lock up the rear tire in an emergency stop.

People under estimate the amount of front tire brake that you can do.
Depending on her ride - If she were using the front brake to it's maximum there would be every chance her back wheel would not be on the ground to brake with.

I use both in emergency stop situations, obviously, with a massive bias toward the front. I don't lock it up when I need to make emergency stops.
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