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Blooming heck. What is it about me and Montana's?

I just arrived in Vang Vieng by bus from Vientiane for some R&R while waiting for bike parts to repair a busted Vstrom

I figured I would attempt the only Geocache in this area, which is a T5 and D5. I turn on my GPS and I don't have any Geocaches on there? WTF

I just found some two days ago up north and nothing has changed?

I changed profiles to Geocache, please visit Garmin to download some caches, if I select Where To, there is no Geocache option in the sub menus?

This gadget is seriously flawed

BUT, I am prepared to take the blame IF I can sort things out. If I turn it off one day and turn it on two days later I seriously expect no frigging change!!!

So, what should I do gurus?

I feel that what I need is an absolute clean GPS with nothing on it but the basemap. Then I probably should totally nuke the whole Basecamp, all my My Collection data and start from absolute scratch and then install the map I need(Laos for the moment) then start adding things like caches and waypoints etc as I go.

Please help

What steps do I need to take to get back to virgin Montana, straight out if the box without actually losing all of my last 7 months tracks pois and any other data I have collected

Both times my Montana has been returned to England I have got it back with the info it went away with. IF there is some corrupted data anywhere in the system, it has been copied across to the new unit.

I am prepared to do another master reset, the 5th one in the past three weeks and I have only had this thing back a month, but there is seriously something screwy with either my data or my unit and surely I cannot be so unlucky to get three useless units in a row?

I don't want to brick the unit so please be gentle ;)

I will have some time over the next week, I think, so if somebody could give me detailed instructions I would appreciate it, and if it worked then i might ride past and buy you a beer or two if I am in the neighborhood :)
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