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Originally Posted by Xeraux View Post
Doubtful. TNF was pretty innovative at the time. I still have the original TNF jacket that they put Gore-Tex™ in. It's absolutely bomb-proof. It really is something you would consider climbing a mountain in. It may not have been as big or as popular as it is now, but it's my opinion, it'd still be around. TNF is little more than a fashion brand, now.
Unfortunately being innovative is meaningless if the management is irresponsible and is looking for a big payout. TNF changed hands several times in the period just before VF bought them, including a brief bankruptcy if I remember correctly. In the late 90's they thought they were god's gift to the outdoors and set annual growth targets in the 20-30% range and then over produced. This lead to fun things like them dumping product in to SAMs Club or Costco one season. The owner of the business I worked for had to deal with TNF product being retailed for just few bucks over our cost because some dill hole in th Bay Area wanted to score big. He had been a TNF dealer since the early 70's and they fucked him.

I refer to Vanity Fair buying them as "when the adults were in charge again". Now they are a stable company with growing sales who deals fairly with their dealers. They still make cutting edge product, the production of which I subsidized by soccer mom's and frat boys buying endless numbers of over priced Denali Jackets.

If you do your research on most outdoor brands, even most of the hard core enthusiast brands you will find that they are now owned by a larger parent company. Some have let their soul, but smart buyers don't fuck with the goose thy lays the golden egg.
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