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Cortez- you usually have really good and previously unbiased feedback. That said, I'm not sure you are understanding that in the US the scooter selection and dealer availability varies significantly from other parts of the world. We have most of the major brands, but in many cases we don't get the models commonly sold elsewhere.

Honda only sells 1 scooter over 150cc, which requires a jump to the 600cc Silverwing. Burgmans and Silverwings have laid back seating positions that aren't comfortable from some of us older guys, and as a result there is not a great variety of options when it comes to 250cc+ scooters that have upright seating positions.

I really like and respect the Kymco brand as well as SYM. Kymco unfortunately is not as common to find with all models as you would expect- in fact I have yet to see one in a dealership in Atlanta, although they must be around somewhere. The Kymco 300 Downtown is almost the exact same price as a BV350. If your argument is that folks should all go with 50cc less to by Kymco, then you clearly don't understand the value of offering options to consumers. I personally think the Kymco is short on looks compared to the BV.

We do have 2 Vespa/Piaggio dealers, one of which has sold a good number of BV350s, and I've followed the owners on to see how they have worked out over time. Go read for yourself, but the real world owners appear very happy- the biggest gripe seems to be the dark red color used for the seats.

Price wise the BV350 is a great value for those in the US. It may not be the right scooter for lots of folks, and indeed complaints about Piaggio parts availability may be legit- I don't have any experience in that area.

Continuing to slam a product that is selling well here and finding satisfied customers when the alternatives are few doesn't seem to be hugely productive.
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