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Originally Posted by primate View Post
Has to be one of the best leg humps I've ever seen. Hittin on a girl while she's down..
What can I say, I find it exciting that a woman has the interest, apptitude, self-confidence, skill, etc. to get out and enjoy these kinds of things AND still be an attractive WOMAN. As it should be. I think our society is guilty of selling women short in so many ways, and sadly many women buy into that bullshit. We have four daughters so believe me I'm familiar with this crap . Gotta look like Barbie and be totally helpless 'cuz the Big Hunk of Man will want to come rescue you and ride off into the sunset with you on the back of his white horse; if you aren't Barbie-esque you'll be sad and lonely; buy this and this and this and this and that to help reach you're true potential! You never see a chainsaw (or tractor, truck, etc.) ad with women operating the things. I love seeing women driving big rigs, running heavy equipment, and giving their man a ride on their motorcycles!

Speaking of tractors, that's the one thing my wife can't do around our farm. We have a big old International tractor with a bush hog on it and she can't get the clutch pushed in; she just doesn't weigh enough to put enough pressure on it. This pisses her off, says maybe we need a tractor with a hydrostatic clutch so she can drive it. I like that tractor, otherwise she'd be out bush hogging the land while I scrub the toilets. We recently built a "loafing shed" (for the horses)/tractor shed and she was using the pneumatic nail gun even though it's about 1/4 the size of her and the recoil knocks her around pretty good; never a complaint. We had a heck of a time finding a bike to fit her and ended up with a Suzuki TU250X which she loves for it's retro-styling:

She can almost flat-foot it so that makes her feel more comfortable. I'll suggest she wear some high heels and then maybe she'll try riding my 1150GS! I like this bike too, it runs great and handles very well, has fuel injection (gets like 100 MPG) and a front disc brake, but at 250cc I don't feel it's safe on the open highways and she agrees. It's fun to bop around the back roads on but for long trips she enjoys riding pillion, says she gets to see more that way.

I just love this forum; of COURSE there is someone looking at it that can explain the design and physiology of high heeled shoes! Lovely name, too; my wife spells hers with a "C".

"If it doesn't blow smoke and make noise, it isn't a sport!" - radio ad for shop in Bozeman, MT

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