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Originally Posted by ParaMud View Post
I am not talking about going around in a parking lot and using the back brake, I am talking about on the freeway and coming to a stop.

I have been telling my girlfriend not to use the rear brake on the street. Her front brake is more than enough to stop and she just needs to smoothly keep applying more pressure on it to stop, and even harder to stop faster.

The point of telling her not to use it during normal stops is because during an emergency brake, it is very hard to feather the rear brake and not lock it up and by not using it everyday, she won't slam down on it during an emergency brake out of habit.

So what is your opinion on this matter on teaching beginners about braking?

Personally, I very rarely use the rear brake.
I'm with you, but it all depends on the bike, and road as to what's "normal."
If braking "normally" on dry pavement, (and I'm assuming she's on a light bike, not a tourer?) then it's best to focus on available traction at the front since the rear wheel will be in the air or real light anyways. But, it's also good ta ride around, and only use the rear brake so she can see how worthless and prone to locking it is.

When I sold my FZ1, it had a little over 50K mi. and was on it's 5th set of front brake pads, while the rears were still on the 1st set. I only used the rear when two up, in the wet, or on gravel.
Now with my FJR, I use the rear more since the bike's lower, has a longer wheel base, and abs. I can just mash the rear brake 'n not have ta worry 'bout it lock'in.
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