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I really like my xt250 - I can put my feet down when I screw up!

Oh yeah, the XT is a wonderful bike! I've owned two and they are very capable, surprisingly spunky, and literally bomb-proof. When my wife was first learning to ride she tried the XT but could only get one foot down. She fell over to the left, still had her right foot on the peg and hand on the throttle, and the bike was pivoting in a circle on the left peg with her straddling it, left foot on the ground. I ran over and hit the kill switch because she was a little too busy hopping around in a circle to reach for it. She said, "It tried to KILL me!" After that the bike's name was Killer and we started looking for one that fit her better, ended up with the TU250X. She dropped the TU and did the exact same lever bend that you got on your V-Strom, cost like $12 for a new lever.

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