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Hello Everyone,

I've been reading this thread since it started and wanted to chime in. It's a shame that so many people these days just attack and belittle companies they know nothing about. Yes, Chinese scooters have gotten a bad name for themselves overall, but that does not mean that every company that comes along and sells a Chinese scooter is "not a brand". Before we started Bintelli, we had a retail dealership of twelve years that sold only Chinese scooters, and even though we never found the "perfect" distributor, we still were successful because we ran our company correctly and treated our customers well. This is what led us to opening Bintelli... dealers were looking for a distributor that aimed to take care of them. After sales support, parts availability, scooters priced where the dealer can actually profit, and quality products. This is what we have given our dealer network with Bintelli. Sure, it was a struggle when we started because of the mindset that many of you have, but as soon as we convinced some dealers to start with just a scooter or two to test us out, they were hooked immediately. Now, in six short months we have a dealer network of 26 and that number grows every week. We have several dealers who have sold over $100,000 in product in under four months with us.

As far as labor reimbursement, to my knowledge, we are the only distributor with scooters that retail as low as $999 to offer labor reimbursement. If I am mistaken, please let me know. The only chinese scooter I've ever sold that offered warranty reimbursement was Keeway, but their scooters are priced so high, they never sell.... so what's the point of a high reimbursement if you can never sell a scooter? I know that many other distributors with scooters in the $1500-$3000 range offer more labor reimbursement, such as Keeway/Sym/etc, but those are a different market than what we're going after, and those distributors are making substantially more profit on each sale to be able to offer more reimbursement. Additionally, our dealerships that are selling Keeway and other lines that are higher priced are all selling considerably more of our scooters because of the quality of the scooter being offered compared to the affordable price we are selling them at. We wanted to set a trend that even with a $999 scooter, we're willing to stand behind them and offer some labor credits for the more extensive repairs. Due to the quality of the scooters though, it isn't very often that we even have to offer the reimbursement. Sure, we could do what a Keeway does and offer higher labor reimbursement, but that would have caused the price of the scooters to be higher, let's say $100. Now, the dealers that "get it" know that they would much rather sell 50 more scooters a year because the prices are correct, thus putting ($20,000+) more profit in their pocket, than worry themselves over maybe $5-10 on a warranty repair. The dealers who get this are making a lot of money with us, the dealers that don't get it, aren't.

Some dealers don't fit into our business model, and that's fine. We keep our prices fair and that allows our dealers to move a good amount of product. We are making a minimal amount on each sale to help our dealers out, yet we still give warranty credits for what we classify as a major repair. With our prices, do we expect our dealers to make a profit from doing a quick warranty repair? No, we don't... but we do expect to take care of them so atleast they are breaking even a lot of the time. It's not a perfect system, but it sure is a LOT more than other distributors of scooters in the $999 range. We love our dealer family and are really excited about the future. One day at a time, we are changing the stigma that Chinese scooters are all junk and can't be distributed by a quality company. We look forward to our continued growth and an excellent 2013. Have a great day everyone.

Justin Jackrel
Bintelli, President
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