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FYI, group: here is the text of the letter to the VT Food Bank that I am including with the check for 2012's dinner donations. I wanted to make sure you all got credit for your kind donations; they will go a long way towards helping out some Vermonters. I learned about VT food Bank through my employer and they are a great group of people; thanks!

To: The Good Folks @ Vermont Food Bank

Enclosed please find a donation for $1617; I know you will put it to good use. I’d like to take a moment to tell you a little about where the money came from, as it is not strictly a direct donation from us, although our name is on the check.
Each September for the past few years a group of motorcycle enthusiasts has gathered at Silver Lake State Park in Barnard for a long weekend of enjoying Vermont’s beautiful roads and trails, and maybe to drink some beer around a campfire and act foolish. The group is anchored by the web forum and the event is organized by Clark (aka “Shrineclown”) in the sub forum “Annual Rides and Rallies”; it’s called The CroMag campout. CroMag has been happening for many years but found its current home in Barnard 4 years ago when Clark took over organizing the details. He does all the legwork to arrange our use of the park for the weekend and people come from all over North America to participate (we even let a few Canadians attend). My wife and I are part of an amateur BBQ competition team and capable of setting up an outdoor kitchen to feed large groups; Clark has invited us to prepare Saturday night dinner for the group so that they can have a meal together (and enjoy some adult beverages) after a day of riding.

In 2012 the event was held 2 or 3 weeks after Irene did her thing to central VT and the damage was unbelievably apparent to all who attended, in fact it was the major topic of conversation around the campfire and at dinner. We passed a hat and collected money that was sent to you guys last year. This year we did the same thing; each rider pitched in $20 and my wife & I donated the cost of the food we served. There were somewhat over 100 riders in attendance so the list is too long to credit everyone directly (even if I knew all their names ), but I did want to give some credit to this terrific group of people, even though they are a group of dirty sweaty drunken smoky motorcycle geeks. It is my hope that we will be able to continue this as an annual tradition; I know through my employer how great an organization the VT Food Bank is and how important your work is to many many Vermonters. Keep it up, and we will (hopefully) check in with you again next year. If you want to stop by next year’s rally it will be held on the weekend of September 19-22, with the group dinner happening on Saturday the 21st. BYOB if you show up though; nobody drinks for free.

Jaime & Mary (and a bunch of dirty bikers)
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