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Hey guys, I bought the Stage 1 Kit from Best Dual Sport Bikes. Bottom line, WELL worth the money!! I loved the bike before and now I really love it. I wasn't sure it was going to be worth the money or not but I figured why not. So I gave it a try, boy am glad I did. I opted for the kit with the powercore4 little more power, little more sound, little less money. I know a lot of guys on here don't like noisy bikes for their reasons but where I ride noise is not a problem. The kit came with the FMF programmer, Megabomb, Powercore4, 13T sprocket. Installed the 13T the other day and that took me about 30 minutes, took my time and made sure I did it right. Then installed the rest of the kit last night took me 2.5 hours and again that was taking my time and taking photos along the way. It was easy to install,everything went together perfectly and the customer service was quick and on point (had some questions before I bought it). The kit transformed the bike for sure, I am not a light guy, weighing in at 245lbs. Some parts of my commute I would have to downshift for a couple hills along the way, now the bike just pulls and keeps on pulling, power is there when I need it, awesome transformation. Just wanted you guys to know if you are considering the kit it is well worth the money in my opinion. I will post pictures and some video in the next couple days. My 2
Thanks for the write-up. Have been wondering if spending the money is worth it, does one really get a good "bang for their buck." I know what Best Dual Sport Bike has to say, but then again they want to sell a product. Just wish the Q4 was the one putting out the more power and cheaper. Have found a few places where I am having to downshift into first to finish a hill, that extra power would be great to have.
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