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You are correct. I was referring to long distance road riding. Part of my issue is I am in denial...

I used to have nice little A cups... and being an athlete, that made me really happy... as I only needed a bra on occasion.

Now that I have ballooned up 25 pounds, it has all gone to my tits... I need to wear a bra in public... however, most road riding days I do not. I just wear your typical "Under Armor" long sleeve shirt under the jacket, with or without a fleece or heated liner. This is easier than dealing with washing two or three bras every two days.

I am still a jock/ tom boy at heart. If I had D or larger cups, I would need something all the time... and off road would change the equation also.

When I do wear underwear I have these cotton/ lycra binkini briefs that are great... but they have a really thick border on them and generally do not ride up. The long trips I have a sheepskin buttpad which buffers any bumps in gear or mesh pants... keeps me from getting a waffle butt.

I didn't mean to insult anyone or be really negative... it is just that one of the beautiful things about traveling on a bike is keeping it as simple as possible.

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