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beach report

In Hualtalco Mexico,there are several little beach communities to check out and each has its own personality
Here in Puerto Angel, where I am staying, it is mostly a working town wiyh a little beach and proteected bay. The fishermen go out each morning to catch fresh fish each day. There are lots of little taco stands, some restaurants and some markets to buy stuff. It mainly caters to the lovals which means prices are good. There are not many tourist here which I kind of like.
Then the next beach down is Zipolite. It is the biggest beach here and has the most places to sta and eat. You can rent a room dor as little as fout dollars a night up to about a hundred. it also has sort of a night life on the main street in town.

the next beach down it is called San augustillo. it is the smallest beach here but it is also 1 of the prettiest. there are plenty of places to stay right on the water. the prices maybe a little bit higher than Zipolite but it has more charm and is more laid back. I found 1 hotel right on the water had rooms at 20 dollars a night.
the next beach down is called Muzunte. this speech is a combination of the 2 other beaches. it was 1 of my favorites. all 3 beaches had a hippie clientele. people came from all around the world to frolic on these beaches. I met people from Italy Argentina and Uruguay. I think most of the Americans are afraid to come down here but I see no reason why. I have never sent any sort of danger why traveling to Mexico. but I like to make up stories how I am most got killed by the Bandidos to keep other people away from spoiling my favorite beaches. so please stay away this town is very dangerous and you'll probably be killed if you come here. I will gladly sacrifice my life so I can bring you the pictures and stories from the comfort of your own home
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