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A few more pix.

This is the look of "nervous anticipation"

This was definately out of her comfort zone but she adapted well. Couldn't ask for a better pillion.

This is pulling out of Puntarenas.

This is my favorite iquana picture. Looks like the little ones got a joint hangin outta his mouth.

Howler monkey.

This was at Palo Verde NP. This river flows into the Golfo de Nicoya. Took a boat ride one day when we were at the resort. Lots of cool critters along the river.

Short story from when we were at the resort. Wanted to take another couple to a Soda for lunch one day so we headed down the beach towards a little town. When we got near some shacks an older guy was sitting by a tree with an orange vest with yellow stripes on it. Didn't look real official but I figured he could point us to a soda. When I asked "soda" he didn't understand and seeing how it's pronounced the same in spanish I thought it was strange. So I start imitating putting something in my mouth to relay we wanted food. He then proceeded to shake his head yes and put his thumb under his nose and snort. I said no no no while shaking my head no. I then repeated the eating motion to which he responded with a smoking motion. Again I said no no no and shook my head no even more. We were walking this whole time and when I saw a couple tables by the beach with people eating I pointed at them and rubbed my belly. He shook his head yes and we proceeded but I still didn't know if he was taking us to a soda or his local supplier. I was relieved when he pointed to a soda and I thanked him and gave him a tip. He probibly wished I wanted the other because he probibly would get a cut of the deal.

So just FYI on a beach in Playa Conchal there's a little guy waiting to hook you up with whatever you need. "Pura Vida" indeed.
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