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Ok, a question for the KLR electrical gurus......

According to the factory and Clymer manuals there is a yellow/black wire running from the CDI to the starter relay. This is only present on 1990 and later models.

What purpose does it serve, and will there be any issues running a 96 harness (with the wire) on an 89 motor????

Thanks for any input.

Can't be definitive, but . . . on this wiring diagram , BLACK/YELLOW is a common connector to the battery negative terminal, or GROUND. Don't know if, prior to 1990, other ground connections were used for the CDI and for the starter relay; the wiring diagram linked shows YELLOW/BLACK as a shared battery negative connection, throughout the wiring scheme.

Before you swap out wiring harnesses, I'd suggest you take your ohm-meter and run a continuity check between the CDI and the starter relay connections and ground, with and without the BLACK/YELLOW wire connected to each terminal. If the terminals show continuity with ground without the wire, looks like machts nichts to me, suggesting the '90-and-later connection might be for redundancy and insuring a low-resistance path to ground. Postulation and inference, only!

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