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I don't doubt the Power Kit makes a diff. But I'd REALLY love to see a dyno of just the fuel controller on a stock pipe. Same bike, same day, same dyno. Back to back please! I'd hazard a guess that most of the power gains are the result of the controller only.

I'm just jaded on pipes. Had them on a few bikes, but other than sounding louder, my butt dyno says no gain. Hell, at least one of them actually hurt performance. One bike I had I got pulled over for pipes (street bike) so I put the stocker back on and left the power commander where it was. No diff!
FWIW I have just a powercore 4 on my 250L and I could tell the difference. There is a particular spot on the way home from work that would bog the engine if I dropped below 40mph in 6th. Now, it has no problem getting back up to speed in the same spot.

The seat of the pants dyno feels better overall, but that one exact spot of road gave me a good comparison.
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