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Originally Posted by McJamie View Post
That's kind of funny, because since I got rid of the DL (huge mistake), I've been riding my 250 Sherpa. It does 80% of what I want, but short on power. The 500 would fit nicely between what the Sherpa is, and what the DL was.
I couldnt agree more.. I bought a 2012 street glide and at the time had the DL and KLX250s..I figured the DL was obsolete, as I could ride the HD, and didnt think i would ever want to ride the strom instead.. Boy was I wrong.. It was just one of those bikes you could just hop on and ride, though a but porky for pushing around my shop with the bags on and such..I park them in the parts room and have to squeeze them through a regular door. I tried to make the KLX my everyday, bad weather, and local errand bike, which it does an okay job of, but going more than 30 miles on the freeway in the far right lane, getting wind blasted at W.F.O. becomes tiresome. The DL filled a huge void in my stable and I didnt realize how amazing and versatile that bike was till I had to live without it. I considered getting another one, but figure the honda would actually be an even better option for what I intend to use it for, which does not include off roading or riding two up. It just seems like a bike that you could ride the piss out of, and not care about a $500.00 tire change, unreasonable maintenance costs, or even washing it for that matter.. I love the harley to death, and plan to keep it forever, but would rather save its functional life for times where I can appreciate it more, as opposed to commuting it. This honda seems like a great fit.
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