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Oh Hai!

thanks for the nice comments, you guys!

Originally Posted by kaia View Post
i had been a bit busy with work, and didn't get to finish the report until today.... AMAZING. congrats on finishing without giving up!

and the tally is... 3526 photos.

... and because i wanted to know, i totaled other stuff too:

+ LittleWan
- posts = 177
- images = smilies:3032 gif:8 jpg:3719
- videos = youtube:135
- links = other:171 youtube:406 adv:416

seriously??? 3032 smilies? LOL!
Hi kaia!
Thanks for coming back and posting that stuff.
That feels about right.
Guess I can go delete all the oatmeal and chuffing pics from Lightroom now.

haha, 3032 3036 smilies!
I love them. I wish I could hand them out in real life. easier than making an actual expression.

Just in case you guys were missing me, I dug up a Tarako Christmas video.
This ought to make you feel better...

Happy Holidays!

Hope Santa brings you everything on your list...

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