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I cut out the other side and shape it with the hammer. I MIG the halves together and shape the pieces with the hammer and grinder as I go.

Above is the side I shaped with the ball end of the hammer...

...and above is the peen side - much smoother. I just wanted to see the difference so I could pick which side I wanted for the front.

I like the texture of the ball side better, so that becomes the front of this project. Now for a decorative ribbon out of 22ga. scrap.

After cutting it out, I can simply bend it by hand.

... to go here.

I drill a 1/4" hole in the ribbon and plug weld it to the heart. Then I use a flap wheel and grind it smooth so you can't see how it's attached.

I bend a piece of 3/32" ER70S-6 mild steel TIG wire and MIG it to the back for a hanger.

The texture on the front gave me a neat idea for a finish that should work...
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