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[QUOTE=cwadej;17430662]It's been a while since I got to work on it. Dead bearings, blown shock, and of course family stuff.

I got new bearings for the swingarm. I figured wider would be better, right? So instead of 12mm that were in it, I went with 17.5mm. Double ball bearings. Sealed of course.

I got the frame all back together, and mounted on the bike. 3/4" leanout, 1" toe in. (the board was so I could set my level on it)

Dragging up an old thread.
I would like to have just this set up. I want to carry my dirt bike on the hack platform. Make a rail and put the dirt bike on backwards so the handle bars would not interfere with each other. Anyone with a used KLR set up they don't us any more?? I broke my sub frame on the Concourse the other day after 4 years of over loading my boxes. Most likely the case of beer in the top box, should have gotten cans instead of bottles.

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