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In prep for my trip to the Americas next year I decided to check and grease my rear suspension components.

Once I had stripped out the suspension link I checked the swing arm for play and was surprised to find some. The book says there should be none. It was perhaps 1mm at the wheel axle end. On inspection it was not the bearings but a loose swing arm axle. Not loose as in coming undone, but more like it needed torqueing (is that a word ?) up. Once all greased up and reassembled all was good with no play.

As is usual, there was very little grease on the pins. Unfortunately this is normal for Yamahas. It presents itself as a problem after time as the pins seize in the bearing sleeves.

Anyone considering doing this, do not remove the cap over the swing arm nut (beside the cardan joint) as it says in the book. It is unnecessary. It holds the Swing arm nut in place.

This is the pin that needed tightening. As can be seen, it is starting to rust.

The pin was very tight to undo so just tightening further would probably not help. Fortunately it comes out very easy. It remains to be seen if the swing arm loosens up again with use. It may just be the new grease filling any gaps at present.

EDIT: I should add, the pin shown above is a very loose fit in the bearing sleeve (the machined tube part that that actually touches the needle rollers) and this was where the play came from
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