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Welcome aboard Duster11. We await the results of your showdown. Of course, we are all rooting for the BW over the Rokon.

And thanks to yokoboko for the link to the owners manuals.

I recently returned from a three week trip to find out that some jerk had left the BigWheel filthy and covered in mud. So, to make reparations to her, I decided to make a minor upgrade.

Presenting: My Latest Hack Job (literally)

The problem:

As discussed previously, mud builds up under the left side engine case cover. It is hard to see and impossible to remove without removing the cover.

On your average dirt bike the countershaft sprocket is left largely exposed and is easy to get to with a pressure washer.

Since the BW is anything other than "average", the countershaft sprocket is almost completely enclosed and impervious to the ravages of a pressure washer.

The Solution:

Three jigsaw blades, two band-aids, a new gasket, 12 hand-rubbed coats of lacquer and new hardware (to replace those wonderful phillips-head fasteners made by the Tokyo Margarine Factory in the 80's) and the project is complete.

The New Problem:

Now the rest of the bike looks like hell.

It's been below zero fahrenheit for several weeks. Now it has warmed up and dropped a foot of snow on us. How am I going to find some mud so I can get that part to blend in with the rest of the bike?


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