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Originally Posted by 35xj View Post
I bought 2 pairs of boots this year, a SIDI crossfire, and a gr=earne balance oiled.
Bought the SIDI initially thinking it would be the perfect do it all boot, trail ride on my husaberg, race the 2 stroke, and dual sport on my 950.

Its awesome as a race boot, pretty damn good for spirited trail riding, and good on the 950. Instantly pretty comfortable, no break in time required, very high quality and VERY protective! They leak like a sieve, sqeak when i walk, and are moderatly comfortable for walking in.
Then i bought a pair of Gearne balanced oils. Instantly super comfortable! No break in time at all, Very nicely made, waterproof, and good enough looking that i can wear them with jeans and not look too racy. Great for walking standing in, not a problem to ride, walk, hike, stand in for 10-12 hours. They have nowhere near the protection of the Sidi. I wouldnt dream of racing in them, and will most likely never really trail ride in them. But for dual sporting on the 950, they are awesome!
if you keep looking at all the mail order sites, closeout deals pop up on really nice gear pretty often, and pretty cheap.

I guess what i have realized, is that all boots are a compromise in one way or another, its just a matter of picking the compromise that works better for you. Good luck!
I can probably only afford one boot right now - sounds like the crossfires worked fine dual sporting? I'm mostly worried about their comfort on the slab getting out to dirt (I plan on doing touring on the xt250, so there will probably be some 200 mile days on the pavement), first long ride will be going to the Death Valley rally, about 300 miles from my house.
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