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Originally Posted by tattewell View Post
I purchased Farcry 3, but havent gotten to play it yet as I went and bought a really clean Africa Twin last night instead of nerding out.

Man this game slipped past my radar. Didn't know what it was because I never played any of the earlier Far Cry games. Caught a glimpse of the trailer on YouTube and it looked interesting.

I went to GameStop the other night and traded in Halo 4 for it last night and got a $20 discount on Far Cry 3 and Assassins Creed 3. Mistake!

5 hours later it was midnight. It's like a blend of Skyrim/Red Dead Redemption/Just Cause 2/Fallout 3/Call of Duty. It has the open world feel/beauty of Skyrim and RDR, along with hunting and foraging components. Archery components straight out of Skyrim. That feeling of sneaking around and discovering new places like Fallout 3. Plays like any MW/COD FPS in the shooting elements. Along with the over the top adventure feel of Just Cause 2 (hang gliding, ziplining, all manner of vehicles).

Gameplay is very open world. You've got your main story mission, but you can choose to ignore it and do whatever you like. Capture radio towers to reveal the map, capture outposts to secure that section of the island and make it safer to move around it and populate it with more friendlies. There's bulletin boards you can use to do side missions with, usually involving killing somebody or hunting some animal down. There's GTA-style side games like knife throwing, racing.

The guns are fairly limited, usually 3-4 of each category (pistols/SMGs/ARs/etc.) Buy a gun once and it's yours forever although you can only carry a max of 4 with you. You have to return to the store/kiosk if you wanted to re-equip a certain weapon/tool. It took a page from MW/COD and you can purchase upgrades for your guns, extended mags, red dots, camo, etc.

Graphics are gorgeous. Lush and tropical, it rivals the beauty of Skyrim. Frame rate is OK although I did notice stuttering when I was in a full-on brawl in the jungle.

I have some minor complaints about it, like how arbitrary the crafting is. I can make a weapon holster out of goat hide for my second weapon slot, but for my fourth weapon slot I need shark skin, how the hell do you kill a shark? If I can make a wallet that holds $2000 out of deer skin, can't I just make a bigger wallet that holds $4000 out of more deer skin? Nooooo, I gotta go find some fucking cassowaries. And I still haven't found a single boar to make mag pouches with.

It also tries too hard to be funny. You know when you're a kid and you're cool and then your parents try to be cool to relate and it just comes out awkward? Yea, that. The codec is tedious simply because somebody tried too hard to be funny.

It sounds like the multiplayer component is pretty weak although I haven't tried it for myself. Nothing rivaling COD/MW for sure. There's also a 4 player co-op, but it's designed for 4 players and it doesn't scale so it's supposed to be a grind with just 2 players.

Those are pretty minor complaints however, this is a solid game. If you enjoy open world games like the ones I mentioned above, you're gonna love Far Cry 3.

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