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Good Grief--Is The Rubicon The Same As The 690?

Originally Posted by Seth S View Post
Just a heads up...the Rubicon shares the same EFI system as the 690.

just kidding. Enjoy your new toy.


I am now going down to the garage to see if the muffler has melted-off my left rear turn signal, then I am going to check to see if the radiator shrouds have pulled out of the radiator causing a leak, then I am going to see if the radiator fan is contacting the radiator eating holes in it, then I am going to see if I have the same fuel pump as the 690, then I am going to check the speedo to see if there is white powder in it indicating impending doom, then I will pull each injector and see if they are spraying, then I will sit on the drivers seat again and see if feels like a two-by-four wrapped in barbwire (if so I will quickly be on the phone to Jim Renazco), then I will sit and worry about what I have missed.

Just for a minute, before scrolling down, you had me going then I remembered that Chrysler makes Jeep and they are now owned by Fiat so I knew the FI unit had to be made by Fueleo Inzionne Especialle Superleggera Bertone Magnetti-Marelli, of Turin.


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