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Originally Posted by Grandmaster View Post
About a month ago I headed down S 1st here in Austin to get me some JMueller BBQ. When I rolled up, and much to my dismay, he was closed. Went and got a burger over at Hopdoddys instead and got on the interweb to find out what happened to Jmuellers. The story on the internet goes, LeeAnn Mueller, John's sister, is the money woman behind his business and I guess he has pissed her off one too many times and he is out. Replacing him is a pitmaster from Franklin's and they will reopen in a few days.

Being of the belief that Franklin's has some of the finest que (pork ribs anyway) I have ever had, I am hopeful.

So I make the trip back down S 1st to the trailer now known as LA Barbecue. Huh? is this now Los Angeles bbq? Mexican BBQ? No it is LeeAnn Barbecue...ok that makes more sense. I roll up at about 10:45 to beat the crowd and I am the 3rd in line. Get to the counter and order bit of it all:

some pork ribs, brisket, beef rib and half a ring of sausage. Everything is a little bit on the cold side for some reason but the taste is there.

Pork ribs: 8-8.5 - They are a little cold and they gave me the little end ones.but the rub likely identical to Franklins.
Beef Rib: 8.5 - Again a little cold...but still better than most. The rub is similar to what John used.
Brisket: 8.5 - Brisket was also a little cold. the rub is similar to Franklins. I prefered John's brisket though.
Sausage: 8 - the sausage is pretty tasty but they only have a spicy version. it is a courser grind and a little greasy...but quite yummy.

Went back a few weeks later and this time the food was hot and so the ratings are better. Got there at about 10:50 this time and was 4th in line:

pork ribs: 9.5 - in a taste test I am not sure if I would be able to tell these apart from Franklins.
Beef Rib: 9.5 - as good of a beef rib as I have ever had.
sausage: 8.5 - a little better now that it was warm. but I think I a prefer Franklins.

Summary - This is some fine que. The pork ribs and brisket are on par with Franklins with the added bonus of having beef ribs and a much shorter wait in line. People do start showing up at 11 and the serving line is really slow so the line gets long in a hurry. By 11:30 the line is probably 30+ deep and at there serving pace about an hour +.
Cool...gonna have to try this...gonna be in A-Town tomorrow
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