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Originally Posted by gregMo View Post
Awesome its like being back in Russia on a long trip knowing East and the West a little I find it very confusing the label "Wild West" now days... its totally opposite, the wild is on East, especially east Russia... You've got to love it: Guns & Vodka (speaking of the Vodka, Walter had his word here before and mentioned Polish Vodka as far supreme to others... is that true? Please elaborate on your experiences, and that goes to all the gang members...
Great RR, so addictive it gets you higher & higher (whatever it means )

Waiting for more .... still waiting....
Years ago I rode as a courier in Washington, DC and I spent a bit of time in the USSR Embassy for functions.

When the Soviets (Russians) served their best vodka - it came from Poland. The finest vodka that I have ever had came from Poland and their Hunters Vodka rivals the best Brandy made. An opinion? Yes. But over the years, I have had the opportunity to drink copious amounts of the best from both countries and Polish vodka is by far the best.
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