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Originally Posted by Fleece Johnson View Post
He's no Tim Tebow.............

In all seriousness though..... The seasons he AND Andy Dalton are having are not receiving near the attention they should be. Both will probably be at the Pro Bowl with both of them being 1st alternates according to what I've read.
True that - he's actually playing. Hey - where did all the Cam haters go?

It's almost been two full seasons at this point and we're all painfully aware that old Cam suffered a little bit of a sophomore letdown but, as of the last 4 games, he's back on-track. He may break 4,000 yards passing again this year.

It's always fun to compare QB's so let's compare Cam to a contemporary like Peyton Manning who I admire more than any other current quarterback. A real leader - a real student of the game who has mastered it - someone for a young QB to aspire to be.

Their first two years - keeping in mind that PM's numbers are for full two seasons (32 games) and Cam at 29 games, hasn't finished the second year yet:

Peyton Manning
Passing Yards: 7,874 yards
Rushing Yards: 135
Total yards: 8,009
Passing TDs: 52
Rushing TDs: 2
Total TDs: 54

Interceptions: 43
Comp %: 59
Cam Newton
Passing Yards: 7,271 yards
Rushing Yards: 1,346
Total yards: 8,617
Passing TDs: 37
Rushing TDs: 21
Total TDs: 58

Interceptions: 27
Comp %: 59
Two years does not career make otherwise Bo Jackson would be in the HOF - but that's a thread for anther day.

I'm still a Cam Newton fan and sure, he still has to mature a bit but he's done nothing to sway my confidence in him yet.
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