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Exactly Sailah.
I am shooting for power somewhere between the KLR and yuor FZ1 and plan on using a 320mm rotor, much better than the 270mm on the KLR. I really hope I will be fine, and believe I will be.

A side bar question here though, just one of my wierd, idle mind rambling, but I get that a high HP bike will GET up to high speed rapidly, much more so than a doggy bike, but when it comes to stopping power isn't that all about speed and weight or inertia and mass? Where does HP come into play on stopping that equation?

What I am asking is, if a 1700#, 800hp indy car had the same brakes and tires as a 1700# dragster with 5000hp but both were rolling at 80mph, what would be different in stopping?

I realize that at 150 or at 300mph the brakes would be very different feeling and working, but stopping a 500# motorcycle from 80mph to 0 with 75 hp would be the same as stopping a 500# MC from 80mph to 0 with 150hp as long as the throttle was off...of course.

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