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They're all over the map...
Had Renaults that were just a POS, while a turbo charged 5 was best car ever. Had VWs that were just a money pit, then others that would not quit even after the oil pan got punctured and there wasn't much if any oil left. Had Mercs that run forever, 450k km and you wouldn't know it, others had to be sold for pats way before (more money that way).
Had a Chevy van, Rally 2500 that was best NA van I ever had, only needed few gaskets, a $5 power booster from a junk yard and some body repairs to make it run like new, if not better. Had an E350 with a 7.3 that at 100k miles needed another engine, had another one with same setup that at 180k miles took no oil, and didn't rattle one bit.
Had Hondas that lasted, had Mazdas that lasted- although there was one that had tranny and engine problems quite early.
If I were to think back, the problems I had over the years were with cars on which the maintenance history was unknown, or cars which were abused- guess the problem is owner related

In the end it's all about having a decent base to start with, and proper maintenance- not what the dealer does/recommends. I won't say luck cause in my case if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any...

no snowflake ever feels responsible for the avalanche...

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