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Originally Posted by Tim_Tom View Post
Cool I can save money on brake pads then!

Speaking of brakes, anyone have any feedback / ideas about how the ABS functions on the new 2013's? It could mean a $1500-2000 difference between a softly used 2012 and a new 2013 ABS. I know the Euro models have had ABS for some time so it would be cool if someone over there had some feedback on the system.

Anyone have any thoughts? Will ABS be worth the extra coin or better to spend that extra money on some farkles (that I'd want anyway) like frame sliders and soft bags?

I can't find too much about them, and have never ridden an ABS bike before, and there are plenty of opinions about ABS...
ABS is nice when you have it, but I'd rather spend that money on the frame sliders and luggage if I were in the same position. You can get a lot of stuff for $2000. That's easily a Corbin seat + ST windshield + bar risers if you wanted to go the touring route. It's also a lot of performance mods if you wanted to make it a track friendly machine. ABS is awesome, but I don't know if it's worth $2000.
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