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I started my educational career in electrical engineering and ended up as a geologist for a number of reasons. When I was in the engineering college in 1976 there were three (3) women enrolled in the entire engineering college (not too many more in geology, sadly). Their advisors steered them toward "more appropriate" degrees like the MRS or teaching or "home economics". My little sister was one of the first women to graduate as a mechanical engineer from that school and it was a true struggle for her to break through those stereotypes. I have been bristling at the Barbie Bullshit for a long time. It's infinitely better than it used to be in some ways and so much worse in other ways; have you seen "Jersey Shores" or "America's Next Top Model" or "Real Housewives of..." or any of 1000 other horrid shows? That kind of stuff wasn't even around when I was a kid and now we are just inundated by it on 400 channels 24 hours a day. We see stuff on prime time TV that used to be considered pornography or just too vulgar for "polite company". I'm no prude, but c'mon already with this trash!

Like I said earlier, it's a real struggle to get the girls to see past all this crap to what really matters in life; they want SO MUCH to fit in and be accepted and there are more Barbie wannabe's than otherwise. We've had our successes and our failures... I celebrate women who live the lives they want without succumbing to those ugly, limiting stereotypes. Ride on in your heels and sequined top! Woooot!

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