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Originally Posted by Dan Alexander View Post
So everyone is already tossing the last shovel full of earth on the casket of Klim quality gear, writing them off on pure specualtion and prejudice. Does that crystal ball show you winning Power Ball #'s too ... didn't think so
How many of the naysayer armchair CEO's in this thread actually run a company the size of Klim, or know the details for the purchase agreement with Polaris, where the parent company will be looking for them to cut corners and go with cheaper materials and still charge a premium for their products to pad the bottom line?

If you look at the Klim line, they have riding jackets from $300 to $1400.. Price wise, they are competitive with a whole range of riding apparel companies. There's an outfit for every budget.

FOR ME, it is less expensive to buy quality gear that fits my needs and buy it once. I wear an Aerostich Roadcrafter 1 piece suit to commute to work every day. The suit is worn day in day out.. and it holds up very well to daily use, with very little if any signs of wear. I did try an outfit from another riding apparel vendor who shall remain nameless, and, after a few weeks, the black cordura started to fade, the inner liner started to go fuzzy, the neck area was pilly... You get what you pay and it's always cheaper to buy a quality item the first time. I am highly impressed with the build quality, attention to detail and design features of the Badlands Pro jacket. Dear Santa...

I see good things coming from this, and I'm not even an armchair CEO.
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