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Originally Posted by Nytelyte View Post
2005 Saturn Ion Coupe, manual trans.
I'm sorry but I don't have much sympathy for anyone who bitches about a Saturn, Cavalier, S-10 or other domestic econobox KNOWN for being a pile of shit Especially since these cars were known pieces of shit since the early 1980s!

Comparing these to Civics or Corollas just isn't fair because when you bought a new Saturn, generally you could get 0% financing and a few thousand dollars in rebates. With a new Civic you're lucky if they toss in the floormats for free. So you get what you pay for.

I hate to break it to most people that Honda and Toyotas aren't without their faults either. 2 people that I worked with had Rav4s from the era of the OP's Saturn and BOTH of them had to have the engines replaced by Toyota!

Everytime I've purchased a Toyota or Honda was more for resale value than "reliability", as in the last 20 yrs it's been a wash between the Domestics and Japanese cars in that regard (VWs, MBs, BMWs & Audis being much worse than average; and I've owned a bunch).
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