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Pirate, I didn't want to slam Larry too hard on the "half of Mexico" and the "free medical care" comment specifically since it all springs from the same well of ignorance, jingoism and, and the other words that will bring down the banhammer if used on this thread. Larry has a choice, keep his mind and his heart closed as Trice said or do the work, find the truth (a lot of which is in this thread in spite of Tyson, and our other attempts at humor) and experience the rich culture, the warm giving people and the fantastic sites sounds and tastes of Mexico and beyond. Or, as Sojord suggested, just go to Disneyland. But don't leave the park, evil lurks in the darkness outside the gates.
I was born and raised in Florida and have been riding almost 40 years. I can find fun a few hours from my home. Have not been to Disney in many years. They dont like motorcycles tearing up the grass.
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