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Originally Posted by jesusgatos View Post
Don't want to take this too far off-topic, but Cherokees are actually pretty expensive to build/race if you wanna go fast. Since they have not real frames to speak of, you have to do a lot of reinforcing and after building a rollcage and after adding everything else that goes into something like that, you're still stuck with a shitty platform. It's not just Cherokees, it's pretty much any/all production vehicles. Why work around the limitation of a body and chassis? It's a waste of time and money. Would be a lot better off figuring out what you want to end up with and just starting from scratch. Or buying someone elses' tube chassis buggy/racecar/whatever. Unless you are married to some romantic notion of driving a particular kind of vehicle. Nothing wrong with that.
Because by the time you've built your own vehicle, you are in an unlimited class (or that odd VW tube frame class). By starting with a "stock" bug, you are racing against other guys with no budget in Class 11. Step it up a bit, and you're in Class 5. The Jeep guys run the JeepSpeed class, and there's Class 8 for full size trucks...

There is nothing rational or smart about amateur racing. It's time consuming, expensive and the payout is a trophy. The only reason to do it is for fun. If it's for fun, you might as well build whatever you want.
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