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Originally Posted by Emmbeedee View Post
Traveling Strom, before doing anything drastic, have you run the file checker found under Extras in JaVaWa to see if it finds any corrupted or otherwise flawed gpx files?

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@Emmbeedee Yes, I checked and there is nothing wrong.

@DRTBYK I have had 3 different serial numbers, but mqaybe I am just assuming all the data was the same the 3rd time, I know the 2nd unit had it because he told me he saved my data, and it seemed to me the data was there when I plugged it into BC, but that may have been the cause

@atlas cached I don't have an SD card in at this time, all caches wee installed using PQ's, except for the ones I actually seeded, they are just waypoints. I will think about doing the other stuff you mentioned.

One other thing, last time I asked for help in creating shortcuts, to Automotive Mode and Track Up. I then had issues with this not working, then working, well this issue is still there. One time I turn it on and this feature works, the next time it doesn't, it is really pissing me off.

Lucky my bike is broke so I can't get too frustrated eh!!!

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