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Originally Posted by cropear View Post
Kilted may mention this. I think it is relevant on direction of travel. Maybe this is just a preference deal growing up in Southwestern Oklahoma. But, it is always better to drive into a south wind than a north wind on a motorcycle in western oklahoma.
So, traveling North among-st the trees, elevation changes, and back and forths of eastern oklahoma seemed like a better idea than driving north from altus to freedom in a bone chilling north wind.
Again this may just be preference. It was discussed however between us. We both agreed that CounterClockwise was best for us.
Or as Charlie and Ewen would say Anti-Clockwise
Seems like good reasoning to me. I thought i knew what wind was until i moved to Clinton. So did you guys enjoy the ride, was it entertaining? Did you have any trouble on the couple of water crossings? Since you are from SW Oklahoma i would be interested to see any changes you think to the route in that area. The only thing cool i could find was that irrigation ditch. I'm really anxious to see the ride report. You should put a link here in this thead, and make the ride report over in "ride reports" and put a link in the report over there linking back to here. Maybe get some more people to see the thread that wouldn't normally go looking here.
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