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Originally Posted by kellymac530 View Post
I realize that at 150 or at 300mph the brakes would be very different feeling and working, but stopping a 500# motorcycle from 80mph to 0 with 75 hp would be the same as stopping a 500# MC from 80mph to 0 with 150hp as long as the throttle was off...of course.

School me if I am mind is a spounge...argueable a dry spounge
You are correct for a single stop in that situation but the higher hp bike would reach higher speeds (if the rider wanted to) on any given straight and so have to dissapate more energy over a certain time, say through a series of straights and bends.

If the two bikes were just cruising along at the same speed then their brakes could safely be the same.

But if you have the power you're probably going to want to use it!

Your 320mm rotor would probably be fine, my F650 has 300mm and weighs ~185kg (407 lbs) and that's more than enough.
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