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'10 FE 390 Idle Issue

I just reassembled my bike after a major rebuild (don't ask). It starts and runs fine with the idle adjustment screw pulled out, but dies immediately after the screw is pushed in. Before the rebuild it started flawlessly even in winter with no idle adjustment needed.

I can get the bike to continue running with the screw pushed in, but it sounds starved for air or fuel, running ragged. I think I smell a bit of unburned gas, which would indicate a rich condition, I'd guess.

Any ideas? No FI codes come up. Injector was recently replaced.

Oh, and an odd thing with the injector is that it was installed by the dealer with two seal rings (p/n 75041023010). I took one out when I reassembled, since the parts diagram only shows one. Did I do that wrong?
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