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Originally Posted by sailah View Post
An indy car has a much bigger contact patch and real brakes

A dragster has a parachute

I know zip about cars though. Weight, brakes, and repeated braking, surface conditions, speed etc all play into I think. I've lost rear brakes from boiling fluid on a long downhill on my 950. How thick the rotor is, pads etc. all come into play too. Braking technique as well

Learn to read....

I said "If they had the same brakes and tires"...the point of the story was the big HP difference....many would argue the point is on my head though....and in elementary school it often was.

Thanx for the help. I thought that HP would make no difference on braking...outside of just USING the HP....which unfortunately I am heavy handed and like the right grip alot so brakes are definately a concern as Sailah has helped me to see.

This all has given me some great perspective and some things to be ready to address and even expect some issues with.
I get a bad rap at times, but I am appreciative and try to be helpful although often it seems taken the wrong way...maybe I have not been using enough emoticons....
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