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Originally Posted by maverick1 View Post
Ok, I picked up a used XT 225 today, a 2001 model and now I have a few questions.
First, I'd like to change the engine oil and filter, and read that these bike takes 10-w40. Can I use full synthetic10-w40?
When doing an oil change do I need to get new gaskets for the oil filter and a new drain plug crush washer, or can they be reused?
Also thinking about changing the brake fluid, anyone know what type is needed/procedure?

I plan on doing mostly off road rides, can someone let me know what tools I need to carry with me so I don't get stuck on the trail?
I'll start...spare spark plug and spark plug wrench....
Looking forward to hitting the trails.
10w 40 full synthetic should be fine, I'm pretty sure there isn't a crush washer on the drain plug, I've always just tightened to spec ( 7.1ft/lb's IIRC) and never had an issue. Just check the condition of the o-ring on both the drain plug and oil filter cover New o-rings are usually not needed, there are no gaskets. Both DOT 3 or 4 are fine for brakes.

I carry this in the black cordura multi pocketed tool kit:
10mm x 1/4" socket
12, 13,14, 15, 18mm x 3/8" sockets
5 and 6mm Allen bolt sockets
Full set of 1.5-10mm Allen Wrenches
Multi tool/knife
Multi bit screwdriver
Zip ties
Duct tape on 18mm socket
Lock nut/spoke wrench
8-10mm open ended wrench
Crescent wrench
Various cotter and widgeon pins
missing chain link
spark plug wrench
spare key
elbow socket
4" extension bar
double headed short handle 3/8" and 1/4" ratchet
Box of spare allen and hex bolts
hose clamps
ear plugs
inner tube patch kit

In another tool tube I carry:

2 tire irons
2 motion pro tire spoons
zip ties
clutch lever
brake lever
aluminum spray tube of Windex
bicycle air pump (not pictured, but in tool tube)

Above the headlight on the cowling I have mounted a small bag that carries two replacement tubes and a tire gauge.

I have never been at a loss for tools.
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