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Induction noise

G'day Folks,
Just a question. When I have occasion to give the bike full throttle under hard acceleration I find that there is quite a loud induction roar from around the steering head area. Anybody else find that ? At first I thought the airbox might not be fastened properly or that there might be a leak, as there was a slight hint of a whistling noise mixed in .

Otherwise I have about 4000 Kms on this bike and it is in everyday use here in the reasonably mild ( so far ) Irish winter. Additions have been Givi side cases which I already had, and a Honda screen. I bought the H screen because of the rigidity and it works. It makes a very significant difference to protection in bad weather, and even to noise reduction. It is completely rigid at speed but I have only as yet brought the bike up to about 85 mph with this screen in place. To anyone taking the bike offroad, be careful as it is too low for anything other than well graded fire roads. I have damaged my pipe on one such excursion.

Fuel consumption has not been lower 70MPG ( Imperial) so far. The NC is not my only bike but I love the concept, and with that in mind my expectations of it are in line with said concept. Accordingly the only other change I will make will be to add crashbars as soon as I find ones that I like. So far I am not impressed with either SW or Givi items. Any other suggestions ?
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