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I previously ran E-10s on my F800GS. I'm noww running TKCs. My findings so far are that the TKCs seem to wear slower and to be quite significantly better on the slab (both in terms of grip and handling). This is offset by them being:
A) Quite a bit more expensive
B) Slightly less effective in the dirt. I must say, the TKCs are a lot better in the dirt in my experience of them so far than I expected them to be. Probably the only time I've had a problem is with thick, clay-like soil gumming up the treads, but then, the E-10 suffers from that too.

I think having tried both, I'll probably stick to TKCs from now on.

Based solely on the tread patterns (I've never used them) the E-7s look like a sort of K60 rival.

FWIW, BMW's offroad school in the UK run Mitas E-9 and E-10 tyres on their bikes. I was advised by them that the E-10 is about a aggressive a dirt tyre as you can fit to the F8 without it having a really short life.
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