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I'm new to this site and new when it comes time to picking out winter gear. I'm looking for a jacket that will keep me warm in temps that go down to mid / high 20's. I live in Brooklyn and work in Manhattan. My morning commute is 30 min at most and I leave for work around 6am. I have a Joe Rocket jacket that I use during late spring to early fall, when temps start to hit mid 40's is when I need to put on layer and start to get ready for my bike to go to sleep. I already wear a long sleeve collar shirt (work requirement) and adding a thick sweater makes it very hard to zip my jacket up. I also use a neck flees since my collar is short cut. So I'm looking at Teknic, Rev'It and Olympia as my winter only gear. My most important need is to wear as little added clothing as possible over my shirt and my neck doesn't get called. I want to avoid wearing a neck warmer. Being waterproof is a plus.

To sum up: My #1 thing is being warm during my morning (30 min) commute, #2 staying dry, #3 - good protection. Anything above 50's doesn't concern me as I will be using my Joe Rocket gear.

From everyones experience, can I get what I need from these brands Teknic; Rev'It or Olympia? How high do collars go? Will they stop wind from entering or do I still need to wear my fleece neck warmer? Are there any other issues I should be aware before I buy?

I get hot easy and I can bare cool temp well, but have a limit.

My choices are:

Teknic - Freeway (Hi-Viz)
Rev'It - Horizon (Hi-Viz)
Rev'It - Energy (Hi-Viz)
Rev'It - Legecy (Hi-Viz)
Olympia - AST2 (Hi-Viz)
BMG - Discovery

Hi-Viz is for being viziable and safe but will consider other colors.

I will be heading over to RevZilla store in PA to exchange my Olympia X-Moto this Saturday.

Also any pance recomindation is appriciated as well. Keep in mind that this gear is WINTER USE ONLY!!!

Thank you for everyonce help.

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