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Here ya go mates!
Give Steve a ring.
Keep us posted on here.


I have 2 boys ages 4 and 6.

My 4 year old is riding the 12.5 sans training wheels thanks to Strider.

My 6 year old has moved up to a PW 50 for the desert.

We just got a used 16.0 / 36v.
I can't wait for the guy in the red suit to deliver it!
I have some upgrade/replacement parts on order.

The 12.5 is set for full power.
I run the tire pressure on the high side to
help it spin a little.
It's amazing how quick the kids learn to respect the throttle.
My oldest son started riding the 12.5 when he was 2.
I took the foot pegs off and added foam padding to the sides
of the battery tray. He rode around using his feet as out riggers just like his Strider Bike.
He had his balance down within a couple weeks and the foot pegs went back on.
We did the same thing for my younger son.
I'll post more tips and share some Jimmy Lewis inspired drills a bit later.
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