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Hi xradipo!

Creating attachment points and actually attaching the tank to the bike probably wouldn't be too hard. The biggest challenge that you might face with this kind of project would be protecting the composite from the fuel. There are so many additives in fuel today, primarily ethanol which tends to eat at a lot of materials including poly and epoxy composites. There are coatings that you can put in a tank, but from what I understand, these coating only last for so long. One option would be to build the tank around a flexible fuel bladder that is made to withstand fuel.

Let me know if you have any further questions. I'm sure that Google would bring up a lot of results for you today as well.

Have a great weekend!
Hi Therivermonster,
there is a specific product for this.
This product is a particular "gum" for protecting the composite from the fuel.
A friend of mine has already used it for a cafe race tank and it works fine, durable and liable.
The product is
(Sorry the site is available only in Italian)

I have seen side aluminium tank but never a side fiber tank.
The tanks made by my friend are all front tank, and the fitment is easy he normally glue,
with epoxy+hardner, some aluminium bracket to the tank but Iím not sure this would work for a side hanging tank!

Any suggestion or experience on how to made the attaching point would be appreciate.

Thanks X

Have a good week end you too.
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