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Originally Posted by xradipo View Post
Hi Therivermonster,
there is a specific product for this.
This product is a particular "gum" for protecting the composite from the fuel.
A friend of mine has already used it for a cafe race tank and it works fine, durable and liable.
The product is
(Sorry the site is available only in Italian)

I have seen side aluminium tank but never a side fiber tank.
The tanks made by my friend are all front tank, and the fitment is easy he normally glue,
with epoxy+hardner, some aluminium bracket to the tank but I’m not sure this would work for a side hanging tank!

Any suggestion or experience on how to made the attaching point would be appreciate.

Thanks X

Have a good week end you too.
Thank you for the link to that tank coating product. I'll have to look into that.

Whenever you mate aluminum with carbon fiber you create another problem known as galvanic corrosion. What happens is that the carbon acts like a cathode, and the metal acts like an anode causing the aluminum to corrode away. You can try to get by this by isolating the carbon from the metal hardware with glass fibers, or Kevlar.

You probably wouldn't have to worry too much about this because you can use carbon to make most kinds of bracketry and fittings.
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