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Originally Posted by drc42 View Post
Curious if anybody knows what the options will be for pit support this year. I wasn't too happy with where MAG 7 set up last year, all of the stops were on the specials, even on the short special stages. Understandable on the long ones but on the shorter ones where there should be no problem on fuel range would be very nice if they could set up on the transit, either at the start or end of a stage so we didn't have to burn time on the specials getting fuel.

I am still all little annoyed at MAG 7's lack of organization last year, setting up too late on one stage so the fast guys never got fuel (of course that wasn't a problem for me ) but more importantly the fact that they set up on a spot that wasn't even on the actual race corse on the last day. Unless I hear from good authority that they are better organized this year I am not giving them any money and will try to figure out fuel on my own.
Except for the last special on day 1, most entries support vehicles can be at both the start and end of all of the specials. Also, there are just too few entries requiring help to allow additional services to break even on expenses. So I highly doubt there would be any additional pit support services coming out of the woodwork.
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