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Originally Posted by Cortez View Post
Amen to that.

The engine braking is also a good point, I've locked up the rear wheel on
my first ride at least 3 times, just letting go of the throttle in 2nd gear.
I was NOT expecting that.

But I've had more issues with the surging and the reaction to throttle when
opening it up, even when clutching it a bit.

I used my bike as an all-rounder, commute, shopping, joy rides, 2 up, it
needed to do it all, and for that, it wasn't a good choice IMHO.

The Downtown, however, is.. and I can still do 80mph corners at 80mph
just like I did on the Kawi, the suspension and brakes can take it, I just
miss that 72hp engine.
A couple of items, I agree the engine braking is strong and will surprise a person new to the bike but my Ninja throttle has never surged. It's quite steady, just touchy. If you had an older model maybe that was problematic with them or you had a bike in need of repair.

Maxi-scoots are great, the two biggest flaws that is endemic with the lot of them is cheap suspension and cvt lag. The TMax overcomes both of these somewhat but even the best scooter suspension is no better than the worst entry level motorcycle.

Also, the Ninja doesn't have a 72hp motor, at least not the one I own. Closer to 64hp which is still more potent than all scooters.

Finally, I agree with Cortez, ABS is a great option to have. You hardly ever need it but the one time it saves your bacon it's worth every penny.
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